Fencing Wire

We stock a large quantity of various types of netting as can be seen below;

Stock fencing wire

HT8/80/15 100m

HT8/80/22 100m

LHT8/80/15 100m

MHT8/80/15 100m

C8/80/15 50m

L5/60/15 50m Hedge bottom netting

Horse Netting

12/107/8 50m

13/122/8 50m

Deer Netting

HT 13/190/18 50m

HT13/190/22 50m

Pheasant Friendly netting

HT6/83/22 100M

Line wire

2.5mm 650m approx

3.15mm 405m approx

Rabbit netting

1050mm x 31 x 50m

1800mm x 31 x 50m

Barb Wire

Titan Barb

HT Barb

Mild Steel Barb

Kennel Netting

4ft x 30m

6ft x 30m

Weld Mesh

1’ x 1’ 30m

1’ x ½’ 30m & 6m

½’ x ½’ 30m & 6m

2’ x 2’ 1.2m 25m

2’ x 2’ 1.8m 25m

Chainlink Fencing (green)

900mm x 25m

1200mm x 25m

1800mm x 5m

Chestnut Fencing

4ft x 10 yards