Animal Feeds

We stock a large range of animal feed in store catering for all needs. If you require a particular product please give us a call and we will be able to order it in for you.

Beef Nuts 25kg

Calf Cudlets 25kg

Coarse Calf Mixture 25kg

Cut Corn 25kg

Mixed Poultry 25kg

Layers Pellets 20kg

Layers Mash 20kg

Sheep Nuts 25kg

Lamb Pellets 25kg

Pig Sow Nuts 25kg

Pig Weaner Pellets 25kg

Pig Finisher Pellets 25kg

Pig Rolls 25kg

Growers Pellets 25kg

Starter Crumbs 25kg

Turkey Starter 25kg

Turkey Grower 25kg

Turkey Finisher 25kg

Bag of hen grit

Oyster grit

Denkavit Calf Milk Powder 25kg

Lamb Milk 10/20kg

Mineral Buckets

Cattle general purpose

Cattle hi-mag

Dry Cow Bucket

Glucose Bucket

Mag phos bucket

Protein energy bucket

Garlic Bucket

Sheep General Purpose

Sheep Hi-Mag

Owens ewe and lamb bucket

Owens high energy bucket

Lifeline Bucket

Standard salt blocks double pack

Loose Minerals

All Purpose minerals

General Purpose Cattle

Dry cow minerals

Super dairy minerals


High energy

Sheep Super